Grade Food Trailer has been in business for a long time and is a registered corporation. Producing the highest quality food trailers is our passion, and we work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Our goal is to assist you in acquiring a trailer that is user-friendly, secure, and reasonably priced to bolster your organization.



A broad variety of trailers and materials of varying quality are available on the market. Although they may resemble competing trailers, ours are superior in quality, finish, and safety features. After that, make sure you’ve checked that all the compliance criteria are satisfied.


What are the standard features included on Food Trailers?


Outside Properties

  • The Tow Chassis and Galvanized Frame
  • Coupler for Two Tons
  • Rake for the Jockey, Swing Up
  • Four Sturdy Legs for Standing
  • 15″ Tires
  • 3 years of WOF, 4 years of EWOF (electrical WOF), and 1 year of Rego
  • Warranties valid for one year in New Zealand

Room Facilities

  • Powerful 32-Amp Electrical Setup (7,000 W) with EWof
  • Shelves and Countertops Made of Stainless Steel 304
  • Stainless Steel Tabletop Storage Unit
  • High-Quality Double Taps + Two Sinks
  • Tanks for Sewage and Potable Water
  • Electric water warmer by Haier, 10 liters, high-quality A Water Pump by SeaFlow
  • Data Connector for Cash Drawer
  • Extraction Fan



  • Stainless Steel Commercial Grade Bench Fridge or Freezer
  • Stainless Steel Commercial Range Hood
  • Stainless Steel Splash Back
  • Stainless Steel Gas Box 
  • Spare Wheel
  • Gas Appliances
  • Air conditioning
  • Direct Water Supply Options 


All our trailers have complied with Council requirements. 
Please refer to the following Council guidelines:  

Design of a Mobile Shop (trailer unit or vehicle) must incorporate the following features:  

  1. It must afford “all-weather protection” to the food being offered for sale.   
  2. The interior walls, floor and ceiling must be constructed of material which can be easily cleaned, is impervious, smooth and light in color.
  3. A wash hand basin must be provided and supplied with running hot and cold water. A hand basin is not required where the only food that is stored or  sole is either pre- packed or contained in sealed containers. A sink supplied with hot and cold running water is also required where food preparation is undertaken.    
  4. Where benches and shelves are used in connection with the storage of food they shall be constructed and places to be capable of being easily  cleaned.
  5. Benches shall have a smooth, impervious surface which is free from cracks and other defects. This also applies to cutting boards.  
  6. The mobile shop/food-processing stall should be effectively vermin proofed.   
  7. Where cooking is undertaken in the mobile shop/food processing stall is shall be Provided with such ventilation as required by the Environmental Health Officer so as to:-   Prevent the air in the shop from becoming excessively heated.  

Prevent condensation on floors, walls and ceilings.  − Removal of objectionable odors.




Round and Square models are made of high resistant fiberglass and XPS insulation.



Single Axle trailers are un-braked and are rated with ATM 1200Kgs 
Tandem or double axle trailers are rated with ATM 2500Kgs 


The maximum weight of a trailer is specified as either its Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) or Gross Trailer Mass (GTM). ATM is the combined weight

of the trailer and its full load when it is not coupled to a tow vehicle.



If you choose a lightweight trailer (single axle) there is no need for brakes, since GVM is under 1.2 tonnes. 
For more weight capacity, we recommend a tandem braked type.



Would it be possible for you to specify the type and dimensions of the trailer that best suits your needs?

How many individuals will be working inside the trailer is also important information for us to have.

By the way, what kind of business are you planning to run? After that, we’ll be able to advise you on the best appliances, coffee makers, and energy usage.

together with the necessary compliance data.



First step is to get a quote from us, then get contact our financial agent to discuss requirements and payment terms. 



Please refer to the following council guidelines:



Businesses and individuals seeking to set up shop on Council-owned property in a mobile unit (such as a converted caravan or trailer) are required to apply for and pay for a license. You can get a license for a whole year or for a partial year (only full months), with a one-month minimum and prorated expenses. In order to ensure that the mobile unit complies with all food hygiene regulations, the Environmental Health Officer must inspect it before issuing a license for food preparation and sale. A registered and guaranteed mobile unit is required in every instance.


Market Only: 


The first step for any individual or company looking to set up shop at a market in a mobile unit (such as a converted caravan or trailer) is to apply for and pay the one-time annual charge for a license from the Council. The license allows the holder to operate from any market within the district, subject to the consent of the Market organizer, but this cost cannot be pro-rated. In order to ensure that the mobile unit complies with all food hygiene regulations, the Environmental Health Officer must inspect it before issuing a license for food preparation and sale. A mobile unit’s registration and warranty are mandatory requirements at all times.



A mobile trading license is required for any firm that provides commercial services or operates a mobile shop and intends to conduct business in a public area.
You can apply for a mobile trading license online or schedule a meeting with your local council.
Think about the trucks, tables, chairs, and displays that will be part of your trade setup.



Six pairs of 10A outlets, one LED ceiling light, and a power outlet make up our typical 32A electrical setup.

Our Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWOF) is valid for four years.

A COC, or Certificate of Compliance, is what we offer.



You can do that, but the options are extremely restricted and usually only produce 500W (unless you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on a Tesla battery).


Can you provide a inverted generator to power my trailer?


See the Equipment page for details on the Honda, Stratton, and GT Power generators that we can supply.


In addition to certification, we are able to install all of your gas appliances. You can request this as an additional service.


We have gas and electrical appliances available, and we guarantee them for a full year.


Absolutely, because this is an optional service for non-built-in equipment.


A top-notch electrical water heater of the Haier brand, 10 liters in capacity, is standard equipment on all trailers. To fill the water heater, our SeaFlow Water Pump extracts water from the 100L Fresh Water Tank located beneath the trailer’s floor.


It is critical to have a strategy and choose the kind of food you want to offer before you start your business. Once you have this sorted out, we can assist you in finding the best appliances for your trailer.
What is the anticipated crew size for your trailer? In your business model, what kinds of food and drinks would you offer?
We may then use this information to suggest the best trailer for your requirements.


Indeed, we certainly can. In order to turn your company ideas into a plan, we can provide expert assistance.


Whatever you need, we can modify your trailer to fit your exact demands. We begin the 12- to 14-week manufacturing procedure once you approve the design.

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