Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine

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The Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine has been meticulously crafted in Australia for the last decade.

Over the course of a decade, our machines have been put through their paces in real-world settings, with several machines producing 50,000 ice creams without a hitch. In contrast to many competing products, our machines have a stellar reputation for dependability and longevity.

A Trendyblends machine comes with comprehensive after-sale support for the duration of your machine’s life, in addition to more features and better value overall.

After Sales Service :

So that our clients can focus on running their businesses and making money, we offer comprehensive after-sale service. No matter the machine you use, there is an art to making excellent Real Fruit Ice Cream. When compared to competing machines, the Trendyblends allows you greater leeway in terms of the ingredients you can use and the temperatures at which they can be mixed.

There is no learning curve and you can make high-quality, interesting ice cream fast because we give you all the information you need, including videos, recipe ideas, tricks, and tips. Our warranty period is twelve months. A Trendyblends machine is known for its dependability and low maintenance requirements.

Our machines are designed to be repairable and easy to work on, unlike other brands that can be complicated or cheap knockoffs that aren’t repairable at all. Additionally, we have comprehensive service and parts records, allowing any service technician to swiftly and easily fix a machine—and in most cases, even diagnose and fix issues over the phone. If necessary, we can even set up a video call to discuss problems and provide instructions on how to operate the device.

Technical Specification

Application: Frozen Fruit Ice Cream Blender

Brand Name: Trendyblends

Condition: New

Voltage: 220V

Dimension(Length* Width *Height): 570 x 310 x780 mm

Features: Self Rinsing

Weight: 43kg

Power(W): 950

Warranty: 12 months on all electrical components

Construction: Stainless Steel

Mixing Auger: Stainless steel

Mixing Cone: Plastic

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